Introduction to Mindfulness Based Tinnitus Stress Reduction

The online course is an 8-week skill building program focusing on reframing a person's experience with bothersome tinnitus symptoms (ringing, buzzing, whooshing, pulsing.) gives you easy access to the MBTSR Tinnitus Relief Program in the comfort of your own home, accessible at any convenient time to fit your busy schedule, no matter what your time zone.

There are elements of deep breathing, yoga, relaxation and meditation throughout the course to reframe your relationship with tinnitus. You will learn techniques that will empower you to maintain balance and comfort in your everyday life.


Decreased tinnitus annoyance and severity
Reduced ringing, whooshing & buzzing
Reduced anxiety, fear, and feelings of panic
Reduced depression and sleep difficulty
Reduced stress, tension and irritability
Improved communication with loved ones
Increased relaxation, focus and concentration

Your Instructor: Dr. Jennifer J. Gans
The classes offered on this website do not constitute professional medical advice and should not be used as a substitute for medical diagnosis, advice, or services. This online course is intended to be educational and does not constitute any form of clinical treatment.


Please read the following testimonials from people who have participated in the Mindfulness Based Tinnitus Stress Reduction (MBTSR) course. Their stories tell us how MBTSR has not only changed their relationship to living with tinnitus but has brought them hope and healing in many parts of their lives.

"I can go into the ringing without going towards depression."
- Frank G.

"Tinnitus doesn't seem like a terrible curse anymore. It's sometimes annoying now but not insurmountable."
- Sonia L.

"I can see it (tinnitus) now as just another sensation, typically unpleasant, rarely neutral, never pleasant, but I try to be aware without judging."
- Thomas G.

"Each and every day I think about you saying that there are pleasant, unpleasant, and neutral moments. I smile every time I remember this and I remember you saying it. Sometimes, I ask myself is this an unpleasant or neutral experience? 99.9% of the time the answer is it is a neutral experience."
- Sanjay H.

"I am taking a more relaxed approach overall and just allowing tinnitus to be there."
- Santiago P.

"I am sleeping in a more regular pattern now. When I take medication to sleep, I'm taking half instead of the full dose."
- Chantel J.

"In one of our sessions, you said when going to sleep, "Just let go." Man oh man, has that helped me. I'm a planner, and I used to plan out the next day as I was laying in bed waiting to go to sleep. Bad idea. Now when I go to bed, I just monitor my breathing or go into choiceless awareness mode. I absolutely refuse to follow any goofy thoughts my thinking mind brings up. I just let go. Next thing I know it is morning. Fantastic."
- Micaela G.

"We had a power failure last night just before I was going to bed, which meant my white noise generators would not work. And, because I'm getting ready to put my house on the market, my battery-powered white noise generators are in storage. Before our study I would have gone into a complete panic thinking about going to bed without white noise. I would have broken into a cold sweat. But because of our sit-down meditation in which we breathe into the ringing, I knew I could handle silence in bed. Thank you, the study saved me from having a panic attack. Whew, close call."
- Robert D.

"Tinnitus does not impact me emotionally since I experience it as a sensation that will come and go."
- Phillip G.

"I have begun to meditate regularly. I have combined the learnings from the MBTSR class with other work."
- Mark R.

"I'm more mindful in daily life. I concentrate on breathing while waiting in line at the store."
- Todd M.

"The stress reduction aspect is very useful. Regardless of the tinnitus, it is been very useful to learn to meditate and being mindful in nearly everything I do."
- Bill W.

"I am trying to relax more, sleep better and longer. I watch what food I eat and try to take a walk or other exercise each day."
- Victoria S.

"I am less afraid to be inside of a room or a building."
- Joan B.

"I have realized that my body deserves love and care. It is valuable to view myself as a custodian of my body. I treat it better and appreciate it more now."
- Sam L.

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