Mindfulness-Based Tinnitus Stress Reduction

What Others Say About MBTSR Course

Dear Jennifer,

I just completed Wk 4 of the MBTR course and am so thankful to have found it! Firstly, it is so well done with the excellent education about tinnitus, your soothing approach, and the succinct presentation. Every week it amazes me that you have another new aspect on which to focus.

While my tinnitus has seemed to settle at a higher level of consistency and volume (observed mostly without judgement thanks to you!), I was able to accept it without depression, anxiety, or anger, just a flirtation with aggravation. When its onset was sudden late last year, I was extremely anxious and quite angry “at" it. Your carefully crafted material has guided me to a place that is not just emotionally healthy but frees me up to concentrate on much more important parts of my life. Tinnitus be damned!!

While tinnitus takes effort to deal with, what in life doesn’t? Fortunately, this course has allowed me to deal with it well and not stuck in the muck of anxiety, depression, and anger.

Thank you so very much Jennifer!

Dear Dr. Gans,

I thank you sincerely for this wonderful help for my daily life with tinnitus, hyperacusis, and anxiety. Your course has greatly helped me. It is a great part of my life.

Thank you!

Hello, I just finished the course and wanted to thank dr Gans for making it! It of course did not remove tinnitus, but changed the way I approach it. And not only tinnitus, but other life problems as well.

'thank you' dr Gans from Poland :)

Dear Dr. Gans,

This morning I awoke at 4 AM with loud tinnitus, did not think I would be able to get back to sleep. I meditated in a lying position, then fell asleep for over an hour. Very helpful!


Thank you for creating this course and making it so accessible. It has been a life-saver for me especially during this time of Covid when we are more shut-in than usual. I can’t imagine being diagnosed with tinnitus and walking out of the doctor’s office with no where to turn. I am extremely grateful for the help in learning to cope with this malady… and life in general.

Hey Dr. Gans,

As I am sitting here listening to some calming music, I am reminded of this Email you sent from last year.  I remember wanting to reply to it but I got distracted with dealing with life under the specter of the coronavirus.  From there, I guess I just lost track.  So, apologies for the extremely delayed response.

Tinnitus itself is pretty much exactly the same as it was when I was meeting with you three years ago.  It's every bit as loud, the "sounds" are pretty much the same - I have 3 or 4 varieties that alternate, 1 every day.  Yet my life has returned back to normal.  Slowly but surely, I became less afraid of tinnitus and it featured less in my thoughts.  There are days where I don't even think about it until late at night when I realize I have gone the entire day without noticing the blaring noise in my head.  So in all, life with tinnitus is good.

I'd like to thank you for the help you provided me when things were the most difficult.


Dear Dr. Gans

I haven't completed the course but intend to, and I do your mindfulness body scan almost every night as well as some of the other techniques. It has helped greatly and I appreciate the work it must have taken to put this course together.

On a personal note, between mindfulness as well as adjusting my diet and lifestyle has actually reduced the sound sensation to a much lesser degree which I put in the "miracle" category.

Thank you again and be well.

Dear Jennifer--Thank you so much for making this program, and for making it free at this time—what a gift. As my questionnaire reflects, it has helped me immensely. I had been meditating previously, but this course brought me to a new level and has benefited my life in so many ways.

Wishing you all the best,

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